The 3 most disturbing revelations in the latest Twitter Files

More news on the dangerous intertwining of government and Big Tech.

The mainstream media is largely ignoring the “Twitter Files,” internal documents leaked by CEO Elon Musk that demonstrate a disturbingly cozy relationship between the federal government and Twitter’s previous regime. So, you might have missed the latest batch of leaks, published by journalist David Zweig.

Here are the 3 biggest revelations.

The Biden administration specifically lobbied to have individual accounts banned

Twitter may be a private platform, but the Biden White House was apparently pressuring it to remove specific accounts whose arguments ran against their official narrative.

Zweig reports that the president’s team specifically wanted “anti-vax” commentator Alex Berenson removed from Twitter. They reportedly requested multiple meetings as part of this pressure campaign and were “very angry” with Twitter’s inaction. Berenson was eventually suspended and only reinstated after he sued Twitter.

To be clear, I personally disagree with a lot of Berenson’s posts and commentary about the COVID-19 vaccines. But the federal government has no business pressuring platforms to censor voices it dislikes. That’s a clear violation of free speech principles and an alarming overstep. The best way to respond to misleading commentary is with fact-checks and rebuttals, not behind-the-scenes censorship campaigns.

Twitter censored credentialed experts who dissented on COVID-19  

It’s hard to imagine someone more qualified to opine on the COVID-19 pandemic than Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorf. But, as revealed by the latest Twitter files, Twitter took action against him and other experts for daring to offer alternative perspectives, many of which have since been completely or partially vindicated, about issues like lockdowns and vaccines.

Zweig reports internal documents showing how Twitter specifically cracked down on Kulldorf for saying that old and vulnerable populations should receive COVID-19 vaccines, but some people, like children, who are not at almost any statistical risk of death from COVID-19 might not need them.

They claimed his medical opinion was against their “misinformation” policies despite his tweet not containing any false statements, just a dissenting expert opinion. Twitter went on to flag the tweet and block users from sharing it.

Twitter’s proper role was as a platform, not as a referee superimposing its opinions and stifling expert debate on the most pressing issues of our time.

Even the Trump administration lobbied Twitter to censor

According to Zweig’s latest reporting, even the Trump administration pressured Twitter to tamp down on information and opinions it disliked.

While it wasn’t at the same scale as the Biden administration’s efforts, it’s still deeply disappointing—and another reminder that, in practice, Republicans aren’t always actually the free speech champions they claim to be.

The Takeaway

Added to previous rounds showing the FBI’s incestuous relationship with Twitter, the latest Twitter Files yet again reveal a disturbing intertwining of government and Big Tech. Yes, as a private company, Twitter can moderate content. But there should be absolutely no tolerance for government pressure campaigns or meddling meant to otherwise suppress online speech.

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