Rand Paul continues to hold the line on COVID origins

In a system where the average congressman can’t even get the bills to read before they vote on them, it can easily start to...


The legacy media keep parroting a socialist conspiracy theory

Serious economists don’t take socialists seriously. But increasingly, ostensibly serious legacy media publications sure seem to. In fact, despite being widely rejected by actual economists , a...

In the 1990s, ‘Mr. Conservative’ Barry Goldwater stood tall for gay acceptance

There are few issues on which public opinion has so drastically changed in the last few decades other than gay acceptance. In June 2022, a...


Nancy Mace’s ‘Riley Gaines Report’ amendment passes House

On Thursday, Rep. Nancy Mace’s ‘Riley Gaines Report’ amendment successfully passed the House to be included as part of ‘Protecting Women and Girls in...

Here’s how the FAA’s failure delayed thousands of flights

THOUSANDS of flights were delayed Wednesday morning and hundreds canceled in the latest air travel headache. What happened? Well, this time it wasn’t an airline to...

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