Rand Paul: Why did the Left abandon its defense of free speech?

Rand Paul asked a great question. https://twitter.com/RandPaul/status/1730256213059776625 The answer is simple: For the same reason many on the Right are now abandoning free speech. A few months...

Dr. Fauci set for dramatic showdown in Congress

Go ahead and pencil January 8th and 9th into your calendar because the showdown is sure to be epic. For the first time during...


Nancy Mace’s ‘Riley Gaines Report’ amendment passes House

On Thursday, Rep. Nancy Mace’s ‘Riley Gaines Report’ amendment successfully passed the House to be included as part of ‘Protecting Women and Girls in...

Here’s how the FAA’s failure delayed thousands of flights

THOUSANDS of flights were delayed Wednesday morning and hundreds canceled in the latest air travel headache. What happened? Well, this time it wasn’t an airline to...

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