Bernie Sanders Pushes Anti-Capitalist Conspiracy Theory About Gas Prices

Gas prices are so freaking high right now they make Snoop Dog look sober. 

They’re up to $3.50/gallon nationally, nearly $1 more than a year ago. And some analysts are warning we could soon see gas prices at $5 or even $7 a gallon. With their party in power and facing blame from voters, Democrats are scrambling for excuses to explain away these gas prices—and Senator Bernie Sanders is the latest pushing nonsense to try to deflect blame.

In a Tuesday tweet, the Vermont progressive blamed “corporate greed” for high gas prices:

Suffice it to say that this ain’t it. 

As Manhattan Institute economist Brien Riedl pointed out, gas prices were below $2/gallon in May of 2020:


Were gas companies just miraculously feeling generous? Did they just feel like giving Americans a bargain? Of course not, but that’s the absurd logic you’d have to believe in order to think that corporate greed is driving the current surge in gas prices. 

Corporations are always “greedy,” in the sense that they seek maximum profit. But this doesn’t explain high prices, because they’re no more greedy or selfish than they were a year ago or 10 years ago or will be in 5 years. 

In a recent survey, an overwhelming majority of America’s top economists from across the political spectrum rejected the notion that “greed” is to blame for the current inflation surge. 

(Note: this survey wasn’t specifically about high gas prices. But the same principles apply). 

The real causes of surging gas prices are complicated.

For one thing, US gas prices are heavily influenced by international markets and what’s going on in other countries where vast amounts of oil are sourced.

If there are disruptions (or expansions) in the global supply, US gas prices react accordingly. So, while Americans love to blame (or credit) the president for gas prices, it’s often out of their control, to some extent.

That said, the current inflation surge across the economy is happening because of the kind of reckless money printing and government spending that Sanders & co. promote. This overall trend is surely contributing to high gas prices. So, too, so far under the Biden administration, the Democrats have pursued anti-energy regulatory policies that contribute to high gas prices. 

Of course, it’s easier for Democratic politicians to blame the corporations and CEOs than take accountability or acknowledge their policy mistakes. But what’s easy isn’t always what’s right. 

You can always count on Bernie Sanders to blame everything on businesses. That’s his anti-capitalist shtick. But in this case, his narrative has no basis in economics or reality. 

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Brad Polumbo
Brad Polumbo
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  1. So cutting oil production and driving up the cost per barrel doesn’t effect it? Does burnie leave the lights and heat on in all his houses when he’s not staying there? Heatin, lighting, and driving, reading in, writin, and jivin…Energy!

  2. Now do big pharma bernie…

    Next, do congress who are overpaid. Stop being so greedy. Ask Biden which charity he donates his salary.

  3. Note that Bernie’s campaign claimed the gulags “paid a living wage.” Bernie never repudiated that claim. Have the Jews repudiated Bernie?

    And where was the Jewish “Schindler” to help the Goyim avoid the gulags? NONEXISTENT!!!

  4. Amazing. Fuel prices are at the highest levels in seven years, due to corporate greed. Seven years ago the president was this nice fellow that Joe Biden once described as “clean and articulate”. Apparently the clean and articulate president inspired corporate America to become greedy. Then along comes this Trump fellow. Fuel prices for me are cut by 60% from the clean and articulate administration, and suddenly the USA is energy independent. What happened to the greedy corporations? Now in one years time, we are no longer energy independent, fuel prices are back to their clean and articulate levels and climbing, and Bernie says the corporations are greedy again.

  5. Here is an example of a government for the people and a government seeking power. I lived in the UAE a monarchy for 10 years. the government owned gas industry today has a price of $2.70 for regular gasoline. They have attendants to fill your tank by law and clean your windshield plus check fluids if requested. In the USA I pump my gas etc. The UAE price is determined by the international market and no taxes added. Remove the state and federal taxes and the USA price would be close to the UAE price plus transportation cost. If you put the USA government in charge of gasoline refining and delivery the price would triple immediately and there would be long lines because of the shortages.


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