Why is the media calling Javier Milei ‘far right?’

Argentina’s new libertarian president-elect is being described in ways that don’t make sense.

The iconoclastic Javier Melei was just elected to become Argentina’s next president. He’s definitely a libertarian and he’s definitely a populist.

But the media also keeps telling us he’s “far right.”

Time and time and time again, the headlines scream “far right” regarding Milei, a term typically associated with Nazis, from the World War II era or even today, or perhaps some sort of authoritarian extremism.

Mid-20th century German Nazis were most certainly far right – but were also obviously the complete opposite of libertarians. In addition to being cold-blooded murderers, they were socialists.

Melei is an individualist, and a hardcore one at that. He was elected because Argentina’s decades of big government socialist-collectivist rule absolutely wrecked Argentina.

Mainstream media is calling him “far right” because apparently they consider free markets and small government “far right.” It’s crazy.

The mainstream’s religion has always appeared to be big government, state control and centralization. There isn’t a problem the government can’t solve. The bigger, the better.

This approach – a failed one in Argentina where inflation is at 143% – is obviously opposite of what Melei is promising. So he’s “far right?” Whatever.

This seems to be another case of journalists allowing their own political preferences to frame his victory. Think about it: Do you ever hear the mainstream media call Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or her band of House progressives ‘the Squad’ far left? 

No you don’t.

But Javier Melei is somehow far right for wanting to do the exact opposite of what socialists like them would do.

It doesn’t make any sense. 

If being for free markets, sound money and individual liberty makes one “far right,” then that now makes a lot of people who never considered themselves such – in Argentina, America and around the world – extremists too.

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