Fact check: Did Queen really remove hit song ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ over woke backlash?

The initial outrage leaves out some important context.

The famed British rock band Queen is releasing a new version of their greatest hits album, and some have noticed that one of their most famous songs, Fat Bottomed Girls, is missing from this new version. The media, primarily conservative and right-leaning outlets, have suspected this change was due to “cancel culture”— that Gen-Z woke snowflakes were offended by the use of the term “fat” in the song.

But this made no sense. The woke Left are the champions of the “fat positivity movement,” and this entire song is a love letter to plus-sized women. Something about this reporting seemed off.

After a quick Google search, I discovered that the newest version of their greatest hits album will be released on Yoto, a music site for children. Yoto is intended for children aged 0 through 12. This fact has been glossed over in much of the reporting and commentary on the controversy.

Some suggestive lyrics such as “left alone with big fat Fanny, she was such a naughty nanny, big woman, you made a bad boy out of me” were most likely why this one song was not included on this platform.

Despite the correct information being a click away, some conservatives have spread this misleading narrative about woke backlash like wildfire, with even politicians like Senator Ted Cruz weighing in:

Many conservatives (rightly) complain about leftists who react negatively to headlines without doing their research and understanding the full context of a situation. Yet, here they are doing the same thing— responding to this news without properly understanding the entire context.

In addition, I believe most conservatives would be on board with the company’s decision to de-platform the song, given that they have been highly critical of exposing children to what they deem “age-inappropriate material,” like drag queen story hours.

Ultimately, if you still want to play “Fat Bottomed Girl” for your child, the song is available on other streaming platforms like Spotify. But there’s no real culture war outrage here.

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Kiyah Willis
Kiyah Willis
Kiyah Willis is a fellow at BASEDPolitics.