Why the White House’s cocaine hypocrisy matters

Especially for this administration.

Shortly before the Fourth of July, the Secret Service admitted they’d located a small bag of cocaine at the White House.

The illegal substance turned up near the West Wing’s executive entrance during a routine sweep of the premises, and ever since, the internet has speculated widely as to who could have left the baggie. Given Hunter Biden’s known drug addiction, many fingered him for the crime.

The White House (bizarrely) insinuated the discovery was near where the Vice President parks.

And anyone who has worked in DC pointed out that the Hill has no shortage of staffers on the stuff.

But while the conjectures raged widely, most did expect some answers. This is, afterall, one of the most secure and watched places in the country. Very few people can access the West Wing even if they work on the Hill. Surely there was video footage, witnesses, visitor logs, and a whole host of other evidence that could be used to identify the culprit.

But as of this week, the Secret Service has announced it’s hanging up its hat and closing the investigation. Supposedly, they could only limit their search to 500 people, though they’ve said those names are conveniently classified, and that it isn’t worth the resources to interview them all.

Normally, I would agree. The War on Drugs is one of the biggest waste of our resources in existence. Drugs are a terrible idea. Spending billions policing people for the bad choices they make with their own bodies, locking them up away from their families, and preventing them from working for those choices is an even worse idea. Honestly, whoever came up with it sounds a little high in the first place.

Moreover, the War on Drugs is a failed agenda that has done far more to strip Americans of their constitutional liberties than it ever has to curb addiction or actually prevent drug use. However, like most Americans, I’m furious at the double standard on display here.

Joe Biden is one of the top architects of our modern “justice” system. He has been a champion of the War on Drugs and passed policies that have punitively ruined countless lives over the use of these substances. And so when it is found in his White House, and therefore most likely belonged to his people, it is inexcusable that a different standard of justice would be applied.

Not only that, but it turns out, this isn’t even the first time illegal drugs have been found in Biden’s White House. According to Fox News, the Secret Service also discovered marijuana on two different occasions in 2022.

Police waste millions of dollars every year trying to catch people for possessing and selling drugs. While they solve very few actual crimes each year, they can regularly be found on their Facebook pages posting with the small amounts of marijuana and other drugs they’ve managed to shake citizens down for. In fact, a great deal of police budgets go towards finding and charging people for using drugs.

In the process, they often rob people of their possessions under civil asset forfeiture (CAF)—a policy says police must only suspect you of involvement in criminal activity to take your things. And to get them back, you must hire an attorney and prove your innocence.

This policy is just one of many nefarious, anti-constitutional initiatives that popped up under the excuse of the War on Drugs. You need to be able to seize people’s property in order to cut off drug cartels, police and prosecutors often argue. But in reality, many CAF victims have no involvement with drugs, and often were guilty of no crimes at all. Yet police continue to steal more from citizens under this policy than burglars do each year.

Each year, Americans have their homes, cars, and savings stolen from them after police merely accuse (not even charge) them of having something to do with drugs.

So perhaps, we need to civil asset forfeiture the White House and make its residents go on trial and prove their innocence to get it back. That would sound like equal application of the law to me.

The War on Drugs should be unequivocally ended across all levels of government. But until that happens, the architects of these policies must be forced to live under the moronic ideas they’ve imposed on others.

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