Rand Paul continues to hold the line on COVID origins

'I’m blocking everything until you finally turn over some of these records.'

In a system where the average congressman can’t even get the bills to read before they vote on them, it can easily start to feel like it’s impossible for any one person to make a meaningful difference anymore.

Sen. Rand Paul seems determined to dissuade people of that notion though.

This week, Paul vowed to hold up President Joe Biden’s nominees in Senate confirmation processes until the administration releases its documents on COVID-19.

If you haven’t been following, you may be unaware of the fact that Paul has almost single-handedly been responsible for combatting COVID, Inc. After the White Coat Waste Project (a free market animal welfare organization where I am a Fellow) exposed Fauci and the National Institute of Health’s illegal scheme to use taxpayer dollars for animal torture and risky gain-of-function research in foreign labs—including the one in Wuhan—Paul began applying pressure and never let up.

His interrogations led to Fauci having to admit to the funding (which he initially tried to deny, and then spin when it became apparent he had lied to Congress). This ultimately led to the lab leak theory getting out from underneath the censorship the federal government and social media companies initially applied to the discussion. The majority of people now believe the lab leak is the most likely origin of the pandemic and/or that American tax dollars may have funded the creation of the virus in that lab.

But we haven’t been able to quite prove it, yet. And that matters because we are still funding this kind of crud in many other countries, and it’s possible that another pandemic could be created in the process.

This is why Paul is wisely demanding Biden and Co. turn over all of their documents so Americans can once and for all learn the source of a tragedy that killed millions, wiped out the economy, and cost countless people their businesses, education, and more.

“I continue to try to extract these records. We’ve only gotten important records through whistleblowers and leaks. There have been no records turned over by the Biden administration,” Paul said. “For three years, I keep asking for records. And when they finally send records, they send records that aren’t pertinent to the investigation.”

He continued, “I have eight different agencies that I’ve requested records on COVID funding, of research that could have led to the COVID virus or led to the leak — eight different agencies. I got 25 Republican senators to sign. There’s a law that says if you get five senators, they have to send you the information. I’ve had 25. But to date, I have not had one Democrat chairman sign and the Biden Administration says, ‘We don’t care how many people ask for the records. We’re not giving it to you, unless the chairman of the committee gives us – gives us their signature.’ So we continued to ask every day. I’m in the process of blocking nominations, of blocking legislation, if they will not help me to get records. And so this is going on in two major committees that I’m on: the Foreign Relations Committee as well as the Homeland Security.”

If Democrats have nothing to hide, why won’t they let us see the documents?

It’s ghastly to think an entire political party is willing to risk another pandemic, and continue allowing taxpayer torture of animals to boot, simply for political power. But that does seem to be the case. Fauci and his agency became a darling of the Left during COVID19 as they rushed to enact every braindead idea he concocted. To allow Fauci to face accountability would mean having to take responsibility for creating a cult around him and violating the civil rights of millions of people in the process.

Fortunately, Paul is not rolling over. “I’m telling you I’m not letting anything pass unanimously, I’m blocking everything until you finally turn over some of these records on COVID,” Paul said.

The COVID machine was one of the biggest and well funded attacks on our country of my lifetime, but Paul became the cog in the machine and it doesn’t look like his metal will be running out anytime soon.

The smart money is on Rand Paul in this battle.

Hannah is a Fellow for the White Coat Waste Project, which initially obtained the documents proving we funded gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab in the Spring of 2020.

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