As Tax Day approaches, the U.S. is sending billions more to Ukraine

Where is all that money really going?

Tax Day is April 18th and is no fun for the millions of Americans who end up owing the federal government. So, it’s worth remembering where a great deal of Americans’ tax money is going: Fox News reported in late February, “The U.S. continues to lead the world in contributions to Ukraine with nearly $200 billion in promised or sent aid, as the U.S. ally continues its fight against Russia.” (To put that in context, it averages out to about $1400 per federal taxpayer). 

The latest batch of this aid was just announced. 

Reuters reported on Friday, “A new $2.6 billion U.S. military aid package that could include air surveillance radars, anti-tank rockets and fuel trucks for Ukraine’s fight against Russia is expected to be announced as soon as Monday, three U.S. officials said on Friday.”

What is all this money supposed to accomplish? Officials say it is supposed to help Ukraine win its war against Russia. 

But it is highly unlikely Ukraine can actually win. The Pentagon-funded RAND Corporation has said, “Since neither side appears to have the intention or capabilities to achieve absolute victory, the war will most likely end with some sort of negotiated outcome.”

Yet the Biden administration has thus far not encouraged any negotiated outcome and even flat-out rejected a ceasefire or diplomatic solutions if China is involved.

So who is benefiting most from billions in American tax dollars going to Ukraine?

Check out this invitation to the U.S. Ukrainian Embassy for a special event in December. Check out the bottom. 

They don’t even try to hide it.

Vox’s national security writer Jonathan Guyer reported in December, “The logos of military contractors Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Pratt & Whitney, and Lockheed Martin were emblazoned on the invitation as the event’s sponsors, below the official Ukrainian emblems and elegant blue script that said the Ukrainian ambassador and defense attaché ‘request the pleasure of your company.'”


“That Ukraine and those US military contractors have a strong relationship isn’t surprising,” Guyer noted. “These four companies produce some of the most high-profile missile defense systems and anti-tank missiles that President Joe Biden has sent to Ukraine since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded in February.”

He added, “But the explicit sponsorship indicates how intimate major military contractors have become with Ukraine, and how much they stand to gain from the war.”

Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft researcher Bill Hartung told Vox of the invitation, “I’ve never quite seen this kind of public embrace of a country and the weapons contractors as is happening with Ukraine. I can’t imagine another situation where the contractors would sponsor an event for a country that they’re arming in the middle of a war.”

“It’s one thing to support Ukraine to defend itself, which I think is certainly legitimate,” he added. “But I think the companies want to go beyond that. They want to cash in on this reputationally.”

And the cash these companies will receive was yours before the federal government claimed it.

Happy Tax Day.

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