2 Cuban immigrants make hang glider to escape communism for America’s ‘late stage capitalist hellscape’

You never really see this going in the reverse, do you?

If you listen to Gen Z tell it on TikTok, the US is in the throws of a late-stage capitalist hellscape where your boss can fire you if you don’t meet their expectations, your landlord can kick you out if you don’t pay your rent, and you have to go to work where you sit in air conditioning and use a computer all day instead of spending your time frolicking in the sun and working as the neighborhood poet.

If only they could escape their fate as cogs in the wheel of a free market machine that’s grinding them into the ground.

Well, good news for them! Two Cuban migrants recently built a handmade hang glider, which they proceeded to fly over shark infested waters for about 90 miles. They landed in Key West, Florida on Saturday where they were promptly handed over to US Border Patrol. You know, that super warm and friendly welcoming committee we have for refugees here in the country.

In January, the Biden Administration (which is also no friend to would-be immigrants) implemented a new policy that requires Cubans to request a permit or parole online before arriving with the sponsorship of a relative or friend in the US. If they don’t go through this process they’ll likely be deported.

So they probably did all of that for nothing. Yet they still thought it was worth facing these numerous threats and hardships all for the chance to live in a border camp in a late-stage capitalist hellscape.

How bizarre.

Still, Gen Zers that dream of communism could take a page from their book and try merely booking a flight to a country like Cuba or Venezuela—something our capitalist nightmare still allows because, as capitalist, we want the money for your flight tickets and don’t really care where you go after all.

Yet, you never really see this going in the reverse, do you? No one has ever been so desperate to escape capitalism that they risked their lives to get to countries with Marxist economies or governments.

It’s almost like one system is not all that bad, and the other is a deathtrap.

The truth is, while there are problems in the US, those problems are the result of government interventions into the market (a violation of capitalism, if you will). And despite those terrible policies, our economy is still free enough that it is better to live here as a refugee in a border camp than it is to live in a communist society.

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