Teachers’ union boss Randi Weingarten gets roasted on Twitter (again)

She pushed another bogus narrative about teachers and got absolutely dragged.

They just don’t make union thug bosses like they used to. While Jimmy Hoffa was out funding the mafia and running his union from prison, Randi Weingarten (the head of the American Federation of Teachers) can’t even take the heat in her Twitter feed. 

The leader of the teachers’ union disabled comments on a recent tweet (which she often does) after claiming that the country’s teacher shortage was the result of the “culture war.”

According to Weingarten, teachers are burned out from scrutiny they receive over “any conversations involving history, racism and sexuality.” Her statement was meant as a counter to a Washington Post column that blamed the staff shortages on poor pay.

This argument is absurd, but it’s a common one the teachers’ unions continue to push. Don’t ask us questions about what we’re teaching in the classroom! How dare you weigh in on your child’s education? If you don’t knock it off we just won’t teachand then what will you do?

But in reality, unions (backed by the Biden administration and the Department of Education) are pushing the culture war both through their curriculums and a host of pandemic policies they lobbied for over the past couple of years that left thousands of school children woefully behind in their academic pursuits. To compound matters, the Biden administration, FBI, and Department of Justice then tried to label parents who protested these things as domestic terrorists.

So, who is really waging the culture war here, Randi?

The reality is that teachers are fleeing the schools for a wide range of reasons that have everything to do with the government’s horrific management of the system, as well as the bullying tactics of teachers’ unions. The pay is often bad (and it’s not for lack of funding, we spend $15,000/kid per year on average), they’re forced to indoctrinate kids instead of teach them, there’s little support for difficult children—the list goes on. 

It’s also no coincidence that 300,000 teachers and staff left the public school system between February 2020 and May 2022, per the Wall Street Journal. While many factors went into that, one big one was teachers not wanting to deal with the absolute disaster that was closed schools, “remote learning,” and insane COVID protocols. Countless thousands of teachers were also effectively fired for not complying with vaccine mandates. (In New York City alone, 2,000 teachers and staff were let go over this). On both counts, these are things Weingarten not only supported but actively lobbied for.

Even though Randi turned the comments off for her tweet, that didn’t keep Twitter from taking her to task over her absurd statement and pointing to the real problems within schools right now.

This is just one of many examples of why we need school choice programs immediately in this country. Randi and her government cronies shouldn’t get to hold kids, parents, or teachers hostage in their sewer of a system.

American schools need real competition and options. School choice not only gives choice to families, but also to teachers who are sick of working for people like Randi.

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