Biden rushing to track the $20 billion we gave Ukraine

The threats of an audit have led to a lot of handwringing by warmongers in both parties.

On Monday, in “who didn’t see that coming” news, the Biden Administration admitted it is rushing to track the $20 billion the US gave Ukraine to fight a proxy war against Russia.

Republicans, who are poised to take control of the House in January, have promised to audit the immense amount of money our Congress has been shipping off to fight another country’s war. Among the goals of the audit would be determining how much of the money ended up in the “wrong hands” as previous tracking efforts proved the Biden administration only inspected a small fraction of the funds.

Republicans are not without allies across the aisle in this effort. As it turns out, there are still a few, truly and consistently, anti-war folks left on the Democrat’s bench who share the GOP’s concern over our involvement in this conflict.

“The taxpayers deserve to know that investment is going where it’s intended to go,” Rep. Jason Crow, D (CO), said. “In any war, there can be missteps and misallocation of supplies.”

According to reports, only 10% of the 22,000 weapons the US gave Ukraine between February and November 1 have been inspected.

The threats of an audit have led to a lot of handwringing by warmongers in both parties, as well as overseas. Members of Parliament have worried out loud that these investigations may lead to the US cutting its funding to Ukraine altogether…which would be, umm, ideal.

While we should absolutely not be involved in this proxy war that is threatening global peace, spurring an energy crisis, and deepening the recession many countries including our own are experiencing, a basic audit of the funds is the bare minimum here. It is outrageous that we’re sending billions of dollars to this cause at all, much less without any idea how they are being utilized.


Some Congressional leaders, namely Rand Paul, have been working to mandate such oversight for some time and have largely been opposed by both Republican and Democrats. 

To enter a war, the US is supposed to require a vote by all members of Congress. That hasn’t happened in over two decades while, at the same time, we have invested trillions of taxpayer dollars and given up thousands of American lives involving ourselves in conflicts that don’t pertain to us and that the American people never got to vote on. 

When you wonder why we don’t have nice things in this country anymore, blame the military industrial complex.

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Hannah Cox
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