Shocking increase in alcohol-related deaths for this surprising demographic

This group saw a shocking 42% increase in their death rate.

There’s been a lot of talk of amnesty lately for those who got it wrong throughout the pandemic, and we just got yet another reason to say, resoundingly, absolutely not.

According to the CDC, alcohol-related deaths soared in the US between 2019 and 2020. In fact the number of these deaths increased by 26%. Historically, that percentage-change year over year has never been greater than 7%.

But for no group was this increase more pronounced than for women between the ages of 35 and 44. This demographic saw a shocking 42% increase in their death rate for alcohol-related causes.

Honestly, and unfortunately, this should surprise no one. The people behind COVID, Inc. locked people in their homes, banning everything from beaches to churches. They isolated people, separated them from their families and external support systems. They trapped people in domestically abusive situations. They shutdown schools and forced parents to become full time caretakers and teachers while still trying to balance remote work (or in-person work for those in “essential” fields). They took away people’s businesses and pushed them into economic uncertainty. They kept people from sitting with loved ones in hospitals, from attending the funerals of their parents. They turned nursing homes into death chambers by sending sick people to die there. They forced people to put new medicines in their bodies, threatened their ability to work, and made it difficult to obtain basic goods like baby formula.

It’s amazing anyone got through this experience without a drink, really.

And for women between the ages of 35-44, women who were most likely to be balancing motherhood and work, these policies were particularly pronounced.

It was this demographic that was trying to balance work, becoming a full-time teacher, and the majority of child-rearing. (Despite now more than carrying their weight in the workforce, women continue to also do the bulk of the work in the home, in their relationships, and in the child-rearing process).

And it was this demographic that was left to grapple not only with their own anxiety and depression in the face of uncertain times and economic upheaval, but also the reaction of their children to these things. And given the data around child mental health issues during the pandemic, this was no easy task. Mental health related ER visits for kids ages 5 to 11 increased 24% in 2020. They increased by 31% for kids ages 12 t0 17 from 2019 to 2020.

Ignorance and arrogance have consequences, and these alcohol-related deaths are merely one of those. This is why people should always, always support a limited government—especially in times of uncertainty. No one has the moral authority or the knowledge to decide what’s right for 330 million people. And when you try to centrally plan people’s lives, ultimately, people die and are harmed in a myriad of other ways.

At this point we can say with certainty that the response was absolutely, resoundingly, worse than the disease itself. So no. We won’t be extending amnesty to the people who perpetrated these crimes against humanity. There must be accountability. There must be policy-reforms. There must be certainty these crazy Karens never get the chance to do these kinds of things to people again.

If you are having problems with substance abuse, please contact an Alcoholics Anonymous near you.

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Hannah Cox
Hannah Cox
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