While Biden compares MAGA members to fascists, Mark Zuckerberg admits we live under something closer to actual fascism

We don’t have a dictator or soldiers forcing reporters to say things at gunpoint, but the FBI influencing what news can be shared is a major threat to democracy.

On Thursday, President Biden said that members of the MAGA movement are similar to fascists.

That would be about 74 million people. Who voted for Donald Trump.

Good job uniting the country, Joe. Meanwhile, we just got some insight into something that actually is kind of fascist.

On Thursday, Meta (Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that his platform significantly decreased the ability of users to share the New York Post’s now-infamous Hunter Biden laptop story weeks before the 2020 presidential election. He compared Facebook merely manipulating its algorithm regarding the story to Twitter, which outright banned it being shared.

Why did Facebook do this? The FBI told them to be on the look out for “Russian Disinformation” and said they shouldn’t let this supposed disinformation spread.

See for yourself:

There it is. Private companies sharing or not sharing news influenced by the government’s directive. By admission of Facebook’s head.

Knox County Mayor and WWE star ‘Kane’ had an observation.

I don’t know how much impact this Facebook and Twitter policy had on the election at the time. But it is very concerning that the government thinks its role is to tell private companies what news or opinion they should allow or not allow.

As if they do appear to have an interest in impacting an election.

Even if the FBI didn’t demand Facebook or Twitter do this, it has to be pretty intimidating to be receiving these sorts of directives from the U.S.’s top law enforcement agency.

We don’t have a dictator in America. We don’t have soldiers making reporters say things at gunpoint. It’s even legally okay for private companies like Facebook and Twitter to allow or censor whatever they like on their platforms.

But when the government is putting pressure on what those platforms say or don’t say, there are certainly First Amendment issues.

And it is, as Jacobs noted, something too much in the ballpark of fascism.

Don’t forget that the Hunter Biden laptop story has since been verified by the New York Times and the Washington Post.

It was a totally legit news story.

So Jacobs has a point.


Good question. It has been a huge story throughout right-wing media. As of this writing there hasn’t been much about it in legacy media.

There has been plenty of mainstream attention paid to Biden calling Trump supporters fascists. Maybe they should also pay attention to something that happened that’s actually closer to the real thing?

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