It is a Soldier’s Job to Do Their Duty. It is Our Job to Make Sure Government Puts Them in Harm’s Way for Good Reason

Soldiers fight wars, but politicians make them.

On Memorial Day, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice by losing their lives to defend our country.

It is a soldier’s duty to serve. It is our job to make sure the government only ever puts our soldiers in harm’s way for good reason.

Today, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War was an abysmal mistake. We lost over 58,000 Americans in that conflict.

We honor their service and sacrifice.

Polls show that most Americans don’t believe the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last two decades were worth fighting. We lost about 7,000 American lives in combat and that number soars to over 30,000 when factoring in suicides among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

We honor each and every one of those brave souls for serving us. All a soldier can do is his or her duty. It is arguably the noblest of callings.

So why don’t we respect it better? Why would we ever ask those willing to give their lives in our defense to fight unwinnable wars that in retrospect the United States should not have been involved in?

How insulting to our military.

As citizens, OUR duty is to stand FOR politicians who don’t do this, and to stand AGAINST politicians always eager to involve the U.S. in any and every war on the global map.

Most Americans oppose sending U.S. troops to Ukraine right now. While most of us side with Ukraine in their war against their aggressor Russia, we also recognize there is no threat to U.S. national security in this war. It is not worth one American life.

This doesn’t change the fact that there are American politicians eager to send our soldiers into harm’s way in Ukraine, including in pursuit of “regime change” in Russia.

Will most DC leaders ever learn?


On this Memorial Day, we honor those who gave their lives for their country. Every day, we must reject grotesque politicians in our nation’s capitol who are forever eager to abuse that sacrifice for any reason or no reason at all.

It is hard to imagine anyone who disrespects our military and its members more than the most hawkish Republicans and Democrats in Washington, many of whom don’t seem to give a second thought as to what they are asking our brave men and women to do.

All a soldier can do is their duty. All we can do as voters is to make sure our government is sending our soldiers into war for good reason.

Citizens have a duty, too.

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Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter is a freelance writer, the co-author of Sen. Rand Paul’s 2011 book ‘The Tea Party Goes to Washington’ and the former politics editor for