FBI Fails to Stop a Domestic Terrorist for the Second Time in 2022

The FBI has increasingly come under fire in the past year.

First, they appeared to portray American parents as potential domestic terrorists for protesting ludicrous COVID-19 policies that blocked kids from education, forcing them to wear highly questionable cloth masks for eight hours a day. Then, they and the US Attorney General lied about their activities and worked to suppress knowledge of the ways they were using our own tax dollars against us.

That was a massive violation of civil liberties, free speech, and the freedom to protest against one’s government in a representative democracy. All of those things are bad enough on their own. But many of us rightfully pointed to the underside of this injustice at the time: a tremendous waste of resources.

Every dollar they spend carrying out these injustices against the American people is a dollar they don’t spend on actually solving and preventing crimes and keeping us safe. It didn’t take long for us to be proven right in that assessment.

A few months later, a horrific attack befell the citizens of New York City. A 62-year old man who was on the FBI’s watch list carried out a mass shooting in a Brooklyn Subway making it the worst mass shooting in the history of the subway system.

The man appeared to be severely mentally ill, but in addition to that, he had made racist comments in the past that indicate his actions were at least partially racially motivated.

Now, we have the second incident in the first five months of the year.

Over the weekend, an alleged white supremacist carried out a what police said was a raced-based attack at a Buffalo grocery store. He killed ten people and injured three more.

According to law enforcement, this person had been investigated by New York State Police last year for making a threatening statement in June, when he was a minor.

This demands answers. The FBI has claimed domestic violence carried out by white supremacists is the “biggest” threat we face. So can somebody please explain how they keep letting these guys slip between their fingers?

While many will rush to use this incident to argue over the validity of gun control (which must be pointed out, did nothing to stop this horrific attack in notoriously anti-Second-Amendment New York), the focus should be on actual crime prevention and what we can do to ensure such violence does not continue to impact our citizens. To that end, studies prove gun control would do little to prevent violence.

But one valid point of blame is the FBI and its continued inability to often prevent real violence—specifically incidents of domestic terrorism.

Their history of failure is extensive to be clear. From being unable to prevent 9/11, to its history of trying to destroy Martin Luther King Jr., this agency has a long list of failings.

The FBI  barely manages to clear half of all homicides in the states each year. Their average clearance rate hovers at 55% and it’s even less for other crimes. For those not familiar with the terminology of our “justice” system, “clearance” does not even equate to solvency. That just means they’ve identified someone they think is responsible for a crime. For the record, the FBI regularly gets that wrong, lies under testimony, and fails to apprehend the suspect at all.

Such appears to be the case with the Buffalo mass shooter. And these actions are inexcusable.

These domestic terrorists are free to make violent, racist rants and threats online while the federal government wastes its resources demanding Facebook put COVID-19 advisories on related posts. While the FBI suggests parents who demand schools reopen are dangerous extremists, true domestic terrorists are free to kill people.

It’s time to ask what the point of the FBI is.

It’s also time to question other politicians for their failed policies in these events. Pro-gun control Democrats had a hand in making these peaceful shoppers sitting ducks. Maybe these politicians should have to answer for their bad ideas. Perhaps Texas Republicans, who passed an unconstitutional law that likely makes it illegal for Twitch to remove the live-streaming of the incident, must also answer.

There are many who say we should not rush to “politicize” tragedies. I disagree. When those tragedies are a direct consequence of policy failures, and especially of whole government agencies, we must rush to call out the failures of our elected representatives to ensure the best we can that such events do not repeat.

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