Learning Zero Lessons, Neocons are Using the ‘Unpatriotic Conservatives’ Smear Again

In 2003, George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum penned the infamous “Unpatriotic Conservatives” essay for National Review, which sought to discredit and shun anyone on the Right opposed to a U.S. war in Iraq.

Frum’s smear did not age well. Today, the U.S. invasion of Iraq is considered one of the worst foreign policy mistakes in American history, including by the last Republican president.

Now, some conservatives are warning against a U.S. war over Ukraine.

What has been the neocon response? If you oppose this war you’re “unpatriotic!”

You can’t make this up. The Bulwark’s Christian Vanderbrouk tweeted on Wednesday:​​


Libertarian Republican and mayor of Knox County Glenn Jacobs said the neocons were being deceptive and intent on playing their “great game.”


Similar criticism came the way of Christina Pushaw, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, when she expressed skepticism about  spreading “democracy” in Ukraine.


Hawkish Democratic Congressman—and Iraq war supporter who claimed that debacle actually made the world “safer and better off”—Charlie Crist called Pushaw “unpatriotic” for her statement. He even wants DeSantis to condemn her tweet.


AEIR President and military veteran Will Ruger pointed out that neocons were using the same tactic all over again.


A primary argument against a new U.S. war over Ukraine is how colossal America’s failures were in Iraq and 20 years in Afghanistan.

Two decades ago, those on the Right most in favor of those wars were quick to accuse any conservative who opposed them of being against their country. In hindsight, the worst thing anyone could have done for the health, safety and security of the United States was to support those wars.

The worst we could do for America again is to repeat those mistakes in a new war with Russia.

The most patriotic thing conservatives can do right now is staunchly oppose a war over Ukraine.

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