Hannah Cox is a prominent libertarian writer, commentator, activist, and the Co-Founder of BASEDPolitics.

Cox has an extensive resume that began with 5 years working in Nashville’s music industry, interning for Taylor Swift’s management, coordinating red carpets, and overseeing promotional campaigns.
Her advocacy work began in 2013 when she served as a pro-bono policy advocate for the National Alliance on Mental Health in Tennessee and began working on the side for a gun-rights group at the same time. After witnessing the numerous ways the government was actively harming people, Cox decided to give up music for a career in public policy and activism and she hasn’t slowed down since.
Cox went on to work for the Beacon Center of Tennessee as their Director of Outreach where she worked on both legislation and pro-bono economic litigation. Her efforts there contributed to the repeal of the state’s last income tax, the first school choice program in Tennessee, numerous criminal justice reforms, the repeal of multiple occupational licenses, property protections, the expansion of free market healthcare access (via the repeal of CON laws and protections for Direct Primary Care), and a campaign against corporate welfare.
In 2018, Cox was tapped to serve as the National Manager of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty. During her three years in this role, she overturned the death penalty in a state each yearalways with Republican support for the bill.
Cox launched her show BASED in 2020 during the pandemic with a passion for teaching people how to think, not what to think. She was convinced after her years of successfully passing legislation with the support of both Democrats and Republicans that Americans are not as far apart as we think. We merely have different solutions for the same problems, and that stems from the fact that we lack a common understanding of the root cause of those issues in the first place (usually government intervention).
BASED immediately entered the top 1% of podcasts, launching Cox into her current role as a writer and commentator. In 2021, Cox partnered with her friend and colleague Brad Polumbo to expand the BASED brand into a full-fledged multimedia content hub where they use new media to continue driving real-world policy outcomes via education and awareness.
She is a frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business’ Kennedy program and her work is commonly cited by lawmakers and leaders across the political spectrum.