Mission Statement

What Does BASED mean?

We’re so glad you asked. Based is a popular internet slang word that is mostly used in political contexts to say that something is upfront, on point, or especially true. 

What is BASEDPolitics?

We’re a next-generation multi-media hub committed to providing “Based” commentary and reporting. There’s no sugarcoating around here and we won’t be holding back. We’re here to destroy big government and expose corrupt practices, not to shill for a tribe or a political party. Our values are unapologetically rooted in free markets, limiting the government, and individual liberty—we’ll take the side of these principles no matter the cost.

What is Our Mission?

At BASEDPolitics, we are committed to providing educational, engaging content that advances free markets and individual liberty through emerging media and influencer marketing. We strive to teach people how to think, bridge the partisan gap, and form a community with diverse audiences. We’re not satisfied with preaching to the choir or being the big fish in a little pond—our goal is to make liberty go viral.

How Can I Get in Touch with BASEDPolitics?

You can email BASEDPolitics co-founder Hannah Cox at [email protected].

How Can I Donate to BASEDPolitics?

We are now able to accept donations to our nonprofit organization via Paypal. Click here to donate. Thank you for your support.