The official ‘Black Lives Matter’ organization gets exposed as a Marxist fraud

If there’s one thing communists are good at, it's using empty slogans to enrich themselves while not doing any work.

In the summer of 2020, we were told there was a disease even more deadly and pressing than the coronavirus. The disease was systemic racism and the threat loomed so large that protests simply could not wait, and despite widespread government restrictions on other gatherings, people were allowed to pour into the streets with signs that read “Black Lives Matter,” “Defund the Police,” and “Stop Killing Us.”

As America reckoned with the tragic death of George Floyd, the organization behind the movement, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, received a tsunami of donations—raking in a jaw-dropping $90 million between 2020 and 2022. Corporations, celebrities, and many everyday people gave generously to the group, which billed itself as the preeminent civil rights group in the country and claimed to be organizing a more efficient way to fight the epidemic of racism.

But it sure looks like it was all a sham. In fact, a new report found that the group donated only 33% of the funds they raised to charitable foundations, and of that, $4.5 million went to the movement’s own supporters, family members, and friends. 

Co-founder Patrisse Cullors spent $3.2 million on real estate in the US alone before being pressured to resign from the organization she founded in 2021. Meanwhile, her brother’s company received funds that totaled $1.6 million from the organization. And these anecdotes are really just the tip of the iceberg in what now appears to be a case of fraud by the founders of the organization.

The group has received criticism from actual activists on the ground for some time. From their inability to enact serious policy reforms, to the detrimental impacts of their moronic marketing (like the “defund the police” slogan) on the criminal justice reform movement that had been making bipartisan headway for many years until 2020, to the claim that they’re using the death of people’s loved ones to make a buck—many within the black community and outside of it have been wary of BLM all along.

Samaria Rice, the mother of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy who was gunned down by police in Ohio while playing in a park in 2014, previously said, “They are benefiting off the blood of our loved ones, and they won’t even talk to us.” (BLM did later donate to her organization).

The organization’s fundraising efforts have collapsed over the past year, and it appears they’re on their way to becoming insolvent. But can anyone say they’re really surprised?

Far from being an organization centered on eliminating racial disparities within the criminal justice system (which would have been a lofty and admirable goal), BLM was always more of an umbrella organization for Marxists. Its founders literally described themselves as “trained Marxists.” They’ve tried in more recent times to cover their true agenda up, however.

The organization’s website formerly included language that condemned America’s “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” and that boasted policy goals such as dismantling the patriarchy, eliminating the need for people to work extra shifts, and environmentalism. (The page was removed but you can find the archive here.)

If there’s one thing communists are good at, and truly, there is only one thing, it is using empty slogans to enrich themselves while not doing any work. Throughout history, leaders in Marxist movements have convinced their sheep to give up their rights and their property for a shared vision of Utopia, only for the leaders at the top to embezzle those funds and live large while the people starve. 

It seems the leaders of BLM are sticking to the stereotype. 

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Hannah Cox
Hannah Cox
Hannah Cox is a libertarian-conservative writer and co-founder of BASEDPolitics. She's also the host of the BASEDPolitics podcast and an experienced political activist.