Nancy Mace slams debt ceiling deal—points out the dangerous precedent it sets

Washington’s new normal is not normal.

The U.S. government spent an ungodly amount of money during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when many justified it as an emergency. Now, Washington wants to make that level of spending permanent.

On Tuesday, Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace joined other fiscal conservatives in opposing the debt ceiling deal being promoted by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, but also noted how it set a dangerous precedent in terms of what levels of spending are now considered acceptable.

In a series of tweets, Mace laid out why she opposes the deal because it significantly increases spending, but also notes that the new standard of spending levels exemplified in the bill seem to be those set during the pandemic.

In other words, what we once considered ‘emergency’ spending is now the new normal.

Mace tweeted, “This ‘deal’ normalizes record high spending started during the pandemic. It sets these historically high spending levels as the baseline for all future spending.”

“(Government) grew massively over the past 3 years. This growth was supposed to be emergency funding only during COVID. During this time, (government) grew 40% or by $2 trillion from 2019 to 2023. We went from spending just over $4T to spending just over $6T,” she wrote.

Mace added, “This deal keeps that record high spending intact and makes it the baseline for all spending.”

Mace joins Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee as well as Reps. Chip Roy, Dan Bishop and other Republicans in opposing McCarthy’s compromise.

In fact, enough Republicans, particularly the Freedom Caucus, oppose it that it is expected that McCarthy and President Joe Biden will have to rely heavily on Democrats to pass the deal, likely this week.

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Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter is a freelance writer, the co-author of Sen. Rand Paul’s 2011 book ‘The Tea Party Goes to Washington’ and the former politics editor for