US Government FINALLY defunds Wuhan lab

It's amazing it took this long.

They say the government moves slowly, but I’d say this is a record even for them. 

After three years, millions dead, and numerous whistleblowers ringing the alarm on the National Institute of Health’s funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the US government has finally cut off the flow of our tax dollars to this unbelievably sketchy lab.

This comes after a three year campaign launched by the White Coat Waste Project (a free market animal welfare organization where I am a Fellow), which initially began calling attention to White House top doctor Anthony Fauci’s secretive funding of this lab, and its potential ties to COVID-19, going all the way back in the Spring of 2020. You know, back when we were getting kicked offline at the behest of the FBI for even suggesting that this thing may have come from a lab.

From WCW, “On April 11, 2020, the WCW Project shocked the world when we first revealed to the UK’s Daily Mail that the NIH and EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) wasted part of $3.7 million grant to fund dangerous bat and animal experiments in Wuhan— the probable cause of a lab leak and COVID.” After that news broke, then President Donald Trump canceled the NIH grant funding the Wuhan lab, but it soon became clear that was little more than optics. 

Another WCW investigation quickly revealed that the Wuhan lab was actually still approved for taxpayer funding from the NIH through 2024.


While investigations into the origins of COVID-19 are still imperative, it has now become the prevailing belief that it did stem from dangerous gain-of-function research (which involves horrific animal torture) in that lab. And even without being able to say with 100% confidence as of this date that that is what went down there, we do know without a shadow of a doubt that the NIH was funding gain-of-function research and using our tax dollars to torture animals in that lab.


And to be clear, it was known that this lab and its protocols were a hot mess for some time before the pandemic. If you haven’t yet, read this incredibly detailed breakdown on what we knew and when from ProPublica and Vanity Fair.

As a result of this information coming to light, numerous based officials have been working to cut off the Wuhan lab (as well as the passthrough organization the NIH used to illegally fund GOF in it, EcoHealth Alliance) from their taxpayer piggy bank for some time. Senators like Rand Paul and Joni Ernst and House members like Nancy Mace deserve a world of credit for this feat.

This announcement marks a trifecta of success for WCW, which is the only organization that has been going up to bat against this Goliath of corruption. Already their work has led to the State Department and the Pentagon (which were both also bizarrely funding this lab) defunding Wuhan.

If you’re in shock that our government would continue funding a sketchy lab that broke our own laws and that has refused to allow investigations into COVID-19’s origins, well, you just don’t know our government very well. The NIH has continued lobbying Congress for the ability to keep the money flowing this whole time, even as international tensions escalate between the US and China.

But thanks to the work of WCW and the ongoing, sustained pressure from American citizens, the NIH has finally given up and removed the Wuhan lab from its list of eligible partners.

It’s not everyday the good guys win in our system, but sometimes, if you’re persistent enough, we do. Well done.

Hannah is a Fellow at White Coat Waste Project.

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Hannah Cox
Hannah Cox
Hannah Cox is a libertarian-conservative writer and co-founder of BASEDPolitics. She's also the host of the BASEDPolitics podcast and an experienced political activist.