Justin Trudeau joins long list of leaders and ‘experts’ trying to rewrite COVID policy history

Absolute BS.

The science is never settled, but the history books must be—and the battle for who will get to write them is on when it comes to COVID policies.

Was it crazy to force cloth masks on toddlers?

Quite obviously.

Did the US government fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab, leading to the creation and subsequent leak of the disease in the first place and then cover it up? That scenario seems more likely every day.


And did it violate practically every law of human ethics to force people to put a brand new vaccine in their bodies? Resoundingly yes. And it is on this point of contention that the average person holds the greatest grievances. Many were forced to take something they didn’t feel comfortable with and that they are now experiencing side effects from.

So perhaps that’s why leaders like Canada’s Justin Trudeau (who was arguably the biggest COVID nazi of them all) are now trying to gaslight people into believing they never enacted such policies.

At a recent event, Trudeau was caught on video saying that he (and his administration) never forced people to take the vaccine. According to his version of revisionist history, they merely incentivized it.

But that’s absolute BS, and unfortunately for people like Trudeau and other unhinged “experts,” the internet is forever.

Like the US, Canada forced all federal employees to be vaccinated. And they took it a step further by requiring anyone who crossed their border to be vaccinated as well. This quickly impacted the trucking industry leading to the Freedom Convoy protests. The truckers took over the Ottawa capitol of the country for several weeks as they worked to oppose the vaccine mandate, and the Canadian government responded with even more authoritarianism—expanding police powers, freezing bank accounts, and stamping out the rights of individuals to protest.

So yeah, Trudeau very much did carry out vaccine mandates and he threatened people’s livelihoods, financial assets, and basic civil liberties when they did not want to comply.

These petty tyrants should not get to go quietly into the night. The reminders of their absolute stupidity, disregard for human rights, and complete failures of leadership should follow them well into old age and into the history books as a warning for future generations.

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