Rand Paul fights back against Biden’s war on work for the unions

It’s unfortunate so many in government serve special interests instead of the people they are supposed to represent.

Biden, like most Democrats, has always been a union guy. When he became president he did so promising to fight for unions to regain their stronghold in the US.

But to fight for unions, one must also fight against their opponents.

What that means is Biden has been waging war on individual workers ever since.

Workers can largely no longer be forced to join a union. That’s thanks to 27 states passing Right to Work laws, and thanks to Supreme Court decisions like Janus v Afscme that have made it illegal to force workers to join unions or pay dues. Though union leadership and Democrats will attempt to say these laws prohibit unions, nothing could be further from the truth. To be clear, all workers maintain the option to join a union at any time, it’s just that—sans force—most opt not to. Union membership is at an all time low in the country with private sector rates hovering at a mere 6% (government union participation rates are five times higher).

Because of this, the Biden Administration has been working hard to overturn Right to Work laws in the states. This is a gross misuse of power no matter what the issue. The federal government has no business overturning laws states have passed in this regard.  Many people love Right to Work laws, Tennessee residents recently enshrined it in their state constitution, and even in Michigan—once the capital of factories and unionization—voters recently rejected a proposal to get rid of it.

But it’s clear who Biden works for in this scenario and he’s gone to bat, first trying to pass the PRO Act throughout 22 (which would have overturned these laws as well as limited independent contractors) and then working with the Labor Department to undermine freelancing when his first plan failed.

Thankfully, Senator Rand Paul is stepping in, yet again, to stand up for individuals in the workforce. Paul recently reintroduced his national Right to Work Act, which according to his press release would “preserve and protect the free choice of individual employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations or to refrain from such activities.” So far he is joined by 21 co-sponsors.

“The National Right-to-Work Act ensures all American workers have the ability to choose to refrain from joining or paying dues to a union as a condition for employment.” said Dr. Paul. “Kentucky and 26 other states have already passed right to work laws. It’s time for the federal government to follow their lead.”

Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina, who is also on the bill,said, “Every American and their employer should have the power to negotiate the terms of their employment, and no American should be forced to pay union dues or ‘fees’ just to get or keep a job.”

Paul’s office also notes, “The National Right-to-Work Act repeals six statutory provisions that allow private-sector workers, and airline and railroad employees, to be fired if they don’t surrender part of their paycheck to a union.”

With the consistent and constant attack on workers’ rights the Biden Administration has carried out, this legislation is more than needed. It’s unfortunate so many in our government serve special interests like unions instead of the people they are supposed to represent, but fortunately, others are still willing to stand in the gap and defend basic liberties.

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