Kanye West is an anti-Semitic wokester

His walk out during the Tim Pool interview proved it.

When Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, was interviewed by popular podcaster Tim Pool this week he was flanked by alt-right pundits Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos.

The subject? The Jews! And how they supposedly control everything. Or something.

Ye has spouted anti-Semitic rhetoric in recent months and had apparently planned to do so on Pool’s podcast with his extremist friends at his side. Fuentes is an outright anti-Semite and Yiannopoulos certainly isn’t afraid to broadcast those views. Promoting political taboos no matter how vile or hateful has long been central to the alt-right’s mission of meeting the woke Left on its own terms.

Then Ye proved this week he’s a wokester too.

Let me explain. Too many define being “woke” as simply being in favor of what have traditionally been liberal causes primarily related to social justice. This is a mistake.

Republican President Donald Trump signed the First Step Act which was the greatest major criminal justice reform legislation in recent history. Republicans Ron and Rand Paul long sought to end mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent crimes, citing how those laws disproportionately harm racial minorities.

Seeking equal treatment for all and relieving citizens of government oppression are norms in any liberal society. This isn’t “woke.”

No, key to wokeism is precisely the opposite—illiberalism. In a liberal society, I have an opinion and my neighbor does too. We might disagree, but we both respect the right to our respective opinions.

In a woke society, there is one opinion that is permitted. You don’t respect others’ right to their opinions. Anyone who dissents from yours is targeted for cancellation, censorship, or worse. Challenges are not tolerated.

The artist formerly known as Kanye West almost immediately jumped to sharing his conspiracy theories about Jews during his interview, saying something about Jewish men like Jared Kushner working with Donald Trump (Trump’s son-in-law) and Rahm Emmanuel working with Barack Obama (Obama’s chief-of-staff), before the host Pool gently pushed back on what Ye was saying.

That’s when Ye left. So did his alt-right pals.

As my colleague Brad Polumbo described the event on the latest BASEDPolitics podcast, “Kanye melted down like an absolute snowflake and eventually stormed off this show even though Tim Pool was being very gentle with him.”

Brad’s co-host Hannah Cox framed the incident this way, “I think it’s really fascinating if you feel so strongly about this conspiracy theory of yours that you have literally wrecked your life over it, and yet you cannot defend it in a 20 minute segment? You can’t even handle a little pushback or criticism or people poking holes in it.”

“I think it’s indicative of the lack of substance to these people who hold these views,” she added.

YouTube player

Indeed. Pool likely could have poked a thousand holes in Ye’s views but the musical artist wasn’t going to give the host that chance.

Ye went full woke.

The woke Left does not seek to debate conservative speakers on campuses. They want to ban them from speaking. They do not want dissent from the center-left allowed on social media or in mainstream news publications. They do not want comedians who challenge Left orthodoxy to be allowed on streaming services.

They want no challenges, ever. Anyone who dares try it—be gone!

Ye reportedly muttered something about Tim Pool not wanting to hear what he had to say or similar responses after he walked off when the host began to question him. The rapper seemed to want to sit there, offer a monologue and not have anyone dissent from what he was saying.

That’s not how liberalism works. That is absolutely how wokeism works.

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