Donald Trump takes far more sensible, restrained stance on threat of nuclear war than Joe Biden

President Biden warns of 'armageddon' at private events but continues ahead regardless. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is calling for de-escalation.

At BASEDPolitics we have covered the increasingly real possibility that nuclear war might break out over the Ukraine conflict and U.S. involvement in a proxy war against Russia. Pundits like Fox News’s Tucker Carlson and billionaire Elon Musk have been among the few to sound the alarm and demonstrate the proper level of concern over potential civilizational annihilation.

President Joe Biden finally admitted on Friday that we might be facing “Armageddon.” Yet the Biden administration has not announced any change in U.S. foreign policy or plans for diplomatic efforts that could help mitigate said Armageddon.

But Donald Trump has.

During a rally over the weekend, the former president addressed the issue saying, “We must demand the immediate negotiation of a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine or we will end up in World War Three. And there will be nothing left of our planet—all because stupid people didn’t have a clue… They don’t understand the power of nuclear.”

This is a far saner statement than anything coming out of the current White House or the Democratic Party establishment, which continues to back every single proxy war bill.

I mean, Democrats used to think a nuclear war would be pretty bad.

Are they only opposed to Trump nuclear wars? Biden ones we can risk?

Trump warned in May that nuclear war was more likely under Biden. So far, he has been proven right, by Biden’s own admission.

Trump shook hands with nuclear powers in an effort to reduce tension. Biden, meanwhile, warns about “armageddon” at private events but still won’t change course. 

The difference couldn’t be starker. 

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Jack Hunter
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