These 7 colleges are STILL mandating masks

It’s clearly not about ‘following the science’ anymore, if it ever was. It’s simply about conformity, power, and control.

In the eyes of the American public, the COVID-19 emergency ended some time ago. Even Joe Biden admitted that “the pandemic is over.” But bureaucrats on some college campuses can’t bear to give it up—and are, somehow, still requiring masks.

Here are 7 colleges where masks are still mandatory in some settings.

1. Trinity College (Connecticut)

Trinity College declares itself a “mask-friendly” campus, and still requires masks in “indoor instructional spaces” such as classrooms, labs, etc.

2. Hampshire College (Massachusetts)

Hampshire College’s COVID-19 policies state that “Masks will be required in all classes, labs, and other mandatory indoor academic activities, throughout the fall semester.” Mask-wearing is also mandatory at indoor campus events open to the public.

3. Praire State College (Illinois)

At Praire State College, masks are no longer required in public spaces. However, they’re still mandated in classrooms, labs, and the library. 

4. Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts)

Mount Holyoke recently extended its indoor mask mandate yet again, after it was set to expire on September 30.

5. Pasadena City College (California)

At this Los Angeles-area public college, masks remain mandatory in all indoor public spaces.

6. Smith College (Massachusetts)

At this all-women Massachusetts college, masks are still required in classrooms—but they’re also still required in all on-campus housing, “unless [one is] in their room with their roommate only, or while eating or conducting personal hygiene.”

7. Amherst College (Massachusetts)

At this elite private college, masks were until recently mandated in indoor settings. Now, they are transitioning to a bizarre policy where every class will be surveyed and if even one participant wants masks to be worn, then masks will be required in that class. 

Why This is So Absurd

These are just a few examples, not an exhaustive list of all the colleges with mask mandates still in place. Thankfully, many schools have repealed their mandates, but the continued enforcement of mask mandates on some college campuses is utterly indefensible. 

For one thing, the very populations of college campuses are, by definition, at much lower risk than almost any other community from COVID-19. The coronavirus has always posed an extremely minimal threat to healthy people aged 18 to 22, who compose the vast majority of a typical campus’s population—and that was all before the vaccines! 

Most of these colleges already require students to be vaccinated. So, you typically have a population that started with minimal risk and then was almost entirely inoculated, yet bureacrats continue to force people to cover their faces and suffocate themselves with face diapers.

It’s clearly not about “following the science” anymore, if it ever was. It’s simply about conformity, power, and control.

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