Uvalde Police Harassing Hero Mom

The young mother who rushed into Robb Elementary School to save her children is reportedly being targeted by local police.

Angeli Rose Gomez, the young mother who iconically rushed into Robb Elementary School to save her children during the Uvalde mass shooting, now says she is being harassed by the local police department.

Just when you think it can’t get worse with these people…

Gomez was first handcuffed by the same police when she showed up at the school and sought to enter the premises and do what they refused to—defend the kids inside. She managed to convince the cops to release her after a short period of time and then quickly broke away to save her sons.

Images and news of Gomez’s heroic actions quickly flooded social media. And, given that there were certainly no heroes among the Uvalde police that day, she was lauded for her efforts by the public at-large.

It seems that did not sit well with police though, who Gomez told Fox 25 are now harassing her. “The other night we were exercising, and we had a cop parked at the corner like, flickering us with his headlights,” she said. In fact, their campaign against her has apparently gotten so bad that Gomez has separated from her sons for the time-being so they don’t feel in danger. “Just so my sons don’t feel like they have to watch cops passing by, stopping, parking,” she told Fox.

In another interview with CBS, Gomez said she fears the police are trying to “silence” her and prevent her from speaking about her experiences that day. And she has also claimed that police threatened her with a probation violation for “obstruction of justice” after she first came forward with her story. According to the Daily Mail, “Gomez said she was called by an officer who warned she would be hit with legal trouble over a charge against her from over a decade ago.”

This is all pretty distressing stuff, and given the actions of the Uvalde police both during and after the shooting, there’s little reason to trust this department with much.

All of this begs the bigger question of who will police the police?

Thanks to ridiculous, made-up Supreme Court doctrines like qualified immunity, there is no real ability for citizens to hold government actors liable for the harm they cause them. And thanks to the culture of policing, police unions, and a terrible systemic culture, police rarely ever work to hold their own accountable or rid bad apples from their midst.

Quite the opposite in fact. Instead, they work to protect their own, seldomly working with prosecutors to bring charges against a fellow officer and even lying under oath.

That means for people like Gomez there are few to no recourses in the face of injustice and mass incompetence or negligence. No recourse when police failed to save children from a shooter. No recourse for placing brave parents in handcuffs. No recourse for threatening and abusive tactics after the event.

Our policing system needs an overhaul. The people must have power over our police again, or if not, we need a policing choice—let us keep our tax dollars and fund private security that will actually do their jobs.

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