Facebook ‘Fact-Checker’ Tries to Cover Up Fauci’s Horrifying Animal Experiments, Gets Exposed

PolitiFact tried to get Fauci off the hook, but failed miserably.

Given the proclivity of governments to carry out human rights abuses, it should surprise absolutely no one that the government also tends to be responsible for some of the most horrific animal abuses, too. This is a fact that the nonprofit White Coat Waste Project (WCW), which I work with, has pointed to for some time.

The organization has gained prominence over the past year after breaking numerous stories that proved the US government, and specifically the National Institutes of Health (NIH), funded and participated in numerous instances of animal abuse. 

What you need to know here is that NIH houses the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), which is of course run by the controversial Dr. Anthony Fauci. Many of the Freedom of Information Acts (FOIAs) obtained by WCW trace funding for animal abuse directly back to the NIAID, meaning these reports were immediately politicized by the media and many on the Left who were desperate to protect the image of their top scientist.

Most recently, WCW ran an ad on Facebook highlighting an island in South Carolina where lab monkeys are being bred for testing by NIAID.

Facebook “fact-checkers” swooped in to save their man. PolitiFact, which is Facebook’s official fact-checker, jumped in and immediately labeled the ad as “disinformation.”

Laughably, PolitiFact provided an entirely unrelated article as “proof” of the disinformation. After being called out for their blatantly unscrupulous “fact-check” by both WCW and others online, PolitiFact backed off and apologized for posting “unrelated information” with their claim. 

But as documentary filmmaker Leighton Woodhouse points out, it was more than just an accidental posting of unrelated content. It was intentionally meant to mislead readers and debunk a verifiably true but politically inconvenient story.

Fortunately, WCW keeps its receipts. They quickly produced a letter, signed by Dr. Anthony Fauci himself, from February of this year. In it, Dr. Fauci responds to Congresswoman Nancy Mace’s inquiries about the monkey island and acknowledges the millions of taxpayer dollars currently being spent on these experiments.

Another chart from the organization shows how hundreds of monkeys from Morgan Island in South Carolina were infected by NIAID labs with HIV, COVID, ebola, malaria, hemorrhagic fevers, and other painful diseases (found in the pain category E for maximum pain tests).

The mainstream media and large swaths of the government have been carrying water for Fauci and his organization over the past two years, even as evidence has mounted that they have consistently acted in contrast to what actual science says and taken actions that harmed countless lives. 

This is yet another example of why no central entity should be allowed to determine the truth or dictate what is disinformation. The truth will always lose out to political calculations if that is allowed, and we the people will continue to have less information about the abuses being carried out with our tax dollars.

Disclaimer: Hannah works with the White Coat Waste Project as a media consultant.

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