Every House Democrat Just Voted to Draw U.S. ‘Deeper Into War’ in Ukraine

57 Republicans voted against it.

On Monday, a New York Times headline blared “Biden Speeds Up Military Aid to Ukraine, Drawing U.S. Deeper Into War.”

The Times reported (emphasis added), “When President Biden signed a modern-day Lend-Lease Act on Monday, 81 years after the original version helped lead the way into World War II, he effectively thrust the United States even deeper into another war in Europe that has increasingly become an epic struggle with Russia despite his efforts to define its limits.”

“Recent days have underscored just how engaged the United States has become in the conflict in Ukraine,” the report noted.

Engaged indeed.

On Tuesday, the House voted to give Biden his spending package. Every single Democrat – including the Squad – voted for it.

57 Republicans voted against it.

It should be noted that Biden had requested $33 billion, but Congress saw fit to raise it to $40 billion.

Hey, why not?

The 57 Republicans who opposed this package included some of the most conservative GOP members, many of whom have expressed that they don’t want the U.S. to be pulled further into this conflict.

They also thought members should have time to read the bill.

Cofounder of the Bush-era antiwar group Code Pink, Medea Benjamin, wondered where the antiwar Left had gone.

“And the Squad?”

She wasn’t the only one wondering what’s up with the Left on this issue.

20 years ago, Benjamin and her fellow progressives were the loudest voices against U.S. involvement in another foreign war regarding America’s invasion of Iraq.

Obviously, not all wars are the same. The unique parameters and politics of each conflict matter. But even the Biden administration warned as late as March against starting “World War III” by involving America and NATO too much in the Russia- Ukraine conflict.

Yet, doesn’t the U.S. diving deeper into this conflict – $40 billion deeper – inch us closer to a world war scenario?

And why is every Democrat for this?

And if we’re going to spend dangerously abroad… WHY NOT $40 billion for baby formula at home instead?

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