The CDC Says Cloth Masks Don’t Work. Rand Paul Got Suspended from YouTube for Saying the Same Thing

In August, Sen. Rand Paul told top White House doctor Anthony Fauci that cloth masks were ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID-19. He repeated this in a video, which led to his suspension from YouTube.

ABC News reported, “YouTube has suspended Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky from uploading content for one week after he posted a video claiming most masks are ineffective in combatting COVID-19…”

“Public health experts have said masks, even cloth masks, which Paul took particular issue with, offer protection against COVID-19 transmission, which in turn prevents infection” ABC News continued. “But Paul claimed in the video, ‘cloth masks don’t work,’ and that most over-the-counter masks ‘don’t prevent infection,’ according to YouTube, which it said violated its policies against spreading COVID-19 medical misinformation…”


But it turns out, according to the CDC itself, that Sen. Paul was right all along about cloth masks being relatively ineffective.

The New York Times reported on Saturday, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday clarified its stance on various kinds of masks, acknowledging that the cloth masks frequently worn by Americans do not offer as much protection as surgical masks or respirators.”

“While this disparity is widely known to the general public, the update marks the first time the C.D.C. has explicitly addressed the differences…” the Times noted.

“When the C.D.C. finally recommended masks for ordinary Americans, it emphasized cloth face coverings,” the Times added. “It took months more for the C.D.C. and the W.H.O. to concede that the coronavirus can be carried by tiny droplets called aerosols, which can linger indoors for hours…”

It turns out that a U.S. senator from Kentucky was giving the American public the correct information about the effectiveness of cloth masks preventing the contraction of COVID-19 long before the CDC caught up.

No one expected the CDC to admit it was wrong. Will YouTube admit it was wrong in suspending Rand Paul?

Don’t count on it.

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Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter is a freelance writer, the co-author of Sen. Rand Paul’s 2011 book ‘The Tea Party Goes to Washington’ and the editor of the libertarian news site Liberty Tree, published by Sen. Paul’s campaign.


  1. I am not a science guy but CDC said the cloth masks would not work on the recent varient of Covid. They were working on the pre-variant form of the virus. Paul said they would not work ever on any form of the virus. He was wrong in saying that.

    • I am a science guy. Can you tell me the structural differences between the variants that allows cloth masks to work for previous variants but not for omicron? No? Here’s a hint–the narrative is shifting but reality has not.

    • They never worked in the way Fauci said. Look, most won’t tell you this but even the guidance on most paper masks (written on the side of the box) states that they will not protect against the spread of a virus. I wear them all the time, but I understand in advance that the purpose is to “reduce” transmission when people cough, not to “prevent”. The efficacy of public mask wearing is largely supported by epidemiological and ecological data, as well as models. There are currently no studies that measure the impact of any kind of mask on the amount of infectious SARS-CoV-2 particles from human actions. Other infections, however, have been studied. One of the most relevant papers is one that compares the efficacy of surgical masks for source control for seasonal coronaviruses (NL63, OC43, 229E, and HKU1), influenza, and rhinovirus. With 10 participants, the masks were effective at blocking coronavirus particles of all sizes for every subject. However, masks were far less effective at blocking rhinovirus particles of any size, or of blocking small influenza particles. The results suggest that masks may have a significant role in source control for the current coronavirus outbreak. The study did not use COVID-19 patients, and it is not yet known whether SARS-CoV-2 behaves the same as these seasonal coronaviruses, which are of the same family. That is the problem. We simply don’t have the science to state categorically, as Fauci et al have done, that cloth masks have any value and now, the CDC agrees they are less valuable than paper, in particular N95 type.

      • Do you realize how infinitely small viruses are compared to the pores in masks? While masks can help with certain larger BACTERIA by trapping part of it when you cough, sneeze, talk, or even breathe, they are absolutely worthless when dealing with viruses. Think throwing water through a screen door when dealing with viruses and talcum power and flour when dealing with bacteria; how much does that screen stop? Breathe outdoors on subfreezing days while wearing a mask. Wear double or triple masks. Witness the bacteria and virus laden breath blow out like a steam engine from the edges of those masks. That breath is saturated with contamination. Why do those working for livings in laboratories experimenting with airborne toxins wear AIR TIGHT, FULL BODY encapsulation suits with self-contained breathing units? And you thing a porous N95 mask will help? N95 masks are designed to keep dust, dirt, and mold particles out of your lungs… NOT VIRUSES! Natural immunity, washing your hands, and not touching your face is as good as it gets when publicly bound.

        • You don’t have to stop ALL particles. Having a filter with smaller holes is ALWAYS better than having a filter with large holes like cloth fabric.

          Too many people don’t get the point – You don’t get a single particle of virus and get infected. That only happens once you take in an amount that crosses a threshold and then it can sustain itself through infection of your cells.

          READ this and then tell me what you think :

          The N95 filter indeed is physically around the 0.3 micron size. But that doesn’t mean it can only stop particles larger than that. The masks are actually best for particles either larger or smaller than that 0.3 micron threshold.

          Why do they work better for smaller particles? There are a number of factors at play, but here are two main ones noted by experts:

          The first is something called “Brownian motion,” the name given to a physical phenomenon in which particles smaller than 0.3 microns move in an erratic, zig-zagging kind of motion. This motion greatly increases the chance they will be snared by the mask fibers.

          Secondly, the N95 mask itself uses electrostatic absorption, meaning particles are drawn to the fiber and trapped, instead of just passing through.

      • You say Reducing transmission is not preventing? You do know that statement makes no sense, right?
        If you believe the numbers, the masks don’t work…. Obviously!!!

        • You are all crazy. I just put up a chain link fence to keep out the mosquitos this summer. It is going to work great. Fauci said say. It will reduce my risk of malaria.

      • You cited one non-RCT study but ignored tens of existing RCTs showing that masks do not do anything in community settings (i.e. out of the operating room). Most studies also find that masks also do nothing in the operating room, against viruses. Both statements include N95s – the latest push from MSM/Gov’t which is just as ill-conceived as the cloth mask push in 2020 through present.

    • You have just embarrassed yourself. To actually try and argue that cloth masks work against the spread of the Delta variant but not against the Omicron variant is laughable beyond words. I can’t believe there are people like you out in the world.

    • you are parsing words here. For any mask to be effective against viruses, it would cut off your air supply. When did we lose sight of evaluating risk vs cost? It appears to me that we have become a nation that has forgotten its past. my grandmother died of Tuberculosis. But if we tried to do what was effective for that, there would be riots in the streets. Mothers would never stand for their immediate family being Quarantined, food left on the porch, or even the entire family being sent to a Sanitorium to protect their neighbors. So quit arguing whether masks are safe or not. Let’s find a solution together and take down the real enemy. Those who let the virus escape. I have my own theory, but this is not the place to voice it. We as a nation must accept the fact that an “accident” has fired the first shot in the next world war. If we do not quit bickering, then we will LOSE.

      • Sorry, but that is wrong.

        The SARS-CoV-2 virus particle is 100nm (nanometers) in diameter. (100 nanometers = 0.1 micron)

        A CO2 molecule is 0.33nm diameter. An oxygen atom much smaller than that.

        N95 filter size is 0.3 micron. Why does a N95 mask at 0.3 micron block most SARS-CoV-2 particles that are 0.1 micron?? This is why:

        The first is something called “Brownian motion,” the name given to a physical phenomenon in which particles smaller than 0.3 microns move in an erratic, zig-zagging kind of motion. This motion greatly increases the chance they will be snared by the mask fibers.

        Secondly, the N95 mask itself uses electrostatic absorption, meaning particles are drawn to the fiber and trapped, instead of just passing through.

        Click my name for a link to Fast.AI with the science.

    • I am not a Science Guy either but my eyes work well and I use reason and logic and you can put on any mask, medical or not and go outside when it’s below freezing and just breathe and see how many of your little droplets come floating out the sides and out the top and out the bottom every time you take a breath. That’s steam from your breath and it contains microdroplets. No mask works. So apparently your ability to use common sense has been altered from you wearing a face diaper and lack of oxygen for the last 2 years.

    • Is this a joke or are you retarded?
      Do you think the virus size of Omicron is actually different from Delta…or from influenza for that matter?

    • Surgical masks, which are supposed to be better that cloth mask have a weave where the smallest hole are 15 microns and the largest is 500 microns. All viruses are 1 micron and when attached to a water aerosol droplet are 3 microns. Do you see the problem here folks! There are over 50 scientific reports going back to the 70’s on the effectiveness of masks and they all reached the same conclusion, they are ineffective. Last summer the University of Western Ontario put 15 surgical masks together to see if a virus would get through. It did. I guess the best way to understand all this is to look what scientists and doctors are wearing when dealing with these pathogens in a lab… a full hazmat suit! Time to engage your brain and start figuring things out. Hint.. follow the money.

    • Well, let’s see…Military grade M40-series protective masks/filters will not protect our soldiers from biological agents in the form of viruses. And those are pretty decent filters.

      And you think that rag on your face is stopping viruses? LOL. Right.

  2. – The CDC says cloth masks are _less_effective_ against Omicron. Not that they “don’t work”.
    – Paul didn’t say anything about wearing a _better_ mask.

    Nice try, narc.

    • see the bangladesh study that shows that cloth masks don’t work.. read work by Dr Vinay Prasad….

      Long story short it is shown that cloth masks are equally effective as wearing no mask, and that properly worn surgical masks has a 11% reduction in transmission… so.. yeah… masking doesn’t really work that well

  3. “No one expected the CDC to admit it was wrong.”

    Which they still haven’t done. “Less effective” and “don’t work” aren’t the same thing. But you know that, don’t you? You lie for a living.

    • You’re forgetting the possibility that the CDC was lying before, and that this statement is a form of damage control. “Less Effective” also includes 0% efficacy, you know. This is their way of admitting this while minimizing backlash against them due to confusing good people like yourself.

      How can we be confident the above is what happened, as opposed to your take on it? Well – have you personally looked at any evidence – primary studies, preferably RCTs – that show that masks do anything? Most people haven’t. But if you did, you would see that there’s a whole hell of a lot of studies that show that masks don’t do anything – every single RCT, in fact – predating the pandemic and focused on influenza, the original SARS, other viruses, and, since the pandemic, SARS-COV-2. There is not and has never been any scientific support for masking to protect against respiratory viruses – only bacteria. The CDC is either incompetent or lied to achieve a “greater” goal – take your pick.

    • have you read the studies that show cloth masks show a statistically difference in transmission over… no masks? so yeah they don’t work. There are studies that show this.. CDC just chooses to ignore them, as to the vast majority of folks who are scared and want to do something easy to protect them.

  4. Article is clear: CDC stated cloth masks are not as effective as other covering e.g. N95 mask.
    Paul said cloth masks DON”T work, which is NOT what the CDC said.
    So yeah, fail.

    • N95 masks don’t work either against respiratory viruses. Science is clear on this point. The problem is that sucking air in and out of your lungs will pull or push the air around the mask in any case, and the aerosolized virus easily goes along with that airflow.

      The only reason anybody bought “mask up!” in the first place, in the face of years of studies showing they don’t do anything against flu, original SARS, etc., is that the CDC/Fauci lied about how it is spread. Go back to 2020 articles and you can read countless times that COVID isn’t airborne (borne by aerosols), but is spread by droplets. This is and was false, and, it was known to be false at the time they were saying it, from that very first cruise ship (where virus spread through air ducts to people who were in their room for 48hrs straight) and other case studies. It was also a priori expected to be false as nearly every respiratory virus spreads primarily by aerosols.

      It’s up to you to guess why they may have lied in this way…

  5. Isn’t this the discrimination case against Twitter the conservatives can win?

    2 parties say the same thing
    1 is censored
    1 is not
    Only difference being political leanings

  6. You can mince all the words you want and you can hate Fauci & Paul. To all of us with common sense, we can tell that masking (cloth or otherwise) has not been very effective in controlling this virus. Here in Illinois, we are mandated to wear a mask. Even though this “control measure” is in place our COVID cases have soared with each wave. We have had a vaccine in place for over a year, we have been masking, social distancing, etc. and the virus does not seem to be effected. If these control measure were truly effective a reasonable person would expect to see a decline in infections…not an increase.

  7. Wearing a heavy leather vest would provide SOME level of protection against bullets, like the 22 caliber variety. A bulletproof vest will STOP 99% of all bullets. If you were a police officer in Chicago, would you be ok if your police chief sent you out on the street with a leather vest instead of a bulletproof vest, stating that “it’s not as effective, but you should still feel safer wearing it”. And then when one of your fellow officers pointed out the level of uselessness of the leather vest, would you jump to the defense of the chief? Or would you be happy he spoke up?

  8. Personally I think there is more germ spread from people constantly adjusting their masks then touching everything around them than no masks worn at all. It grosses me out that restaurant servers are constantly touching them and then touching my drinks, plates, straws and other things.

  9. The way of liberals is to push push push till they get bad policy enacted. When It becomes evident that the policy was at best misguided, typically destructive, they admit no wrong, give no retractions, certainly no apology for the damage done, but rather they are fast pushing the next item on the agenda. And so the cycle begins anew.

  10. What a bunch of noise. The great majority of commenters with their oh-so-informed opinions probably couldn’t even describe the difference between a virus and a bacteria.

  11. The majority of Americans, much less the nitwits at twitter or Facebook, are so incredibly ignorant of virus sizes that they are convinced completely ineffective cloth or paper masks they have been duped into believing are actually protecting them. Even some of those who should know better are too terrified of public opinion or authoritative Nazis to admit those masks only prevent your doctors snot and drool from dripping into the wound being worked on.


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