I still love America

Maybe you’re like me…

I still love America
Yes, at times she’s let me down
But just like her, I don’t give up
And I’ve seen her win many rounds
I still love America
Maybe you’re like me
I know that she’s not perfect
I know she’ll never be
But I still love America
Her resilience and audacity
At thinking she could break the chains
That tied humanity
I still love America
I hear many curse her name
A right she freely gave
As she fights for them all the same
I still love America
Her work will not be in vain
We’ll overcome, yet again
Above these fruited plains
I still love America
Her fight for who she wants to be
She never ceases striving
For freedom and equality
I still love America
And I believe we’ll persevere
We inherited her pluck and grit
We won’t give up here

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